International Advanced Research School in Physics

Physics of Stars

Institute for Theoretical and Applied Physics (ITAP) 
Turunç, Marmaris, Turkey ~ July 17-29, 2011

International Advanced Research Schools in Physics organised in ITAP are designed to teach field-specific skills to students (advanced undergraduate or graduate) with strong background in basic physics. The purpose of the school “Physics of Stars” is to provide students with the exciting possibility of applying basic physics to advanced problems of contemporary astrophysics. How is the solar magnetic field maintained? How do stars form and die? What happens inside a neutron star? Stellar astrophysics covers virtually all subjects of classical and modern physics taught in standard physics undergraduate programmes. Physics students/graduates who are interested in reviewing their fundamental physics background or willing to pursue a career in astrophysics are invited to apply for the school. During the lectures, particular emphasis will be devoted to problem-solving and modelling of physical processes in stars.


Emre Işık

Department of Physics, İstanbul Kültür University, Istanbul, Turkey

e.isik ~at~

Antonio Ferriz Mas

Department of Applied Physics, University of Vigo, Orense, Spain


Instituto de Astrofísica de Andalucía (IAA/CSIC), Granada, Spain

afm ~at~

School Organisers