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There is an upcoming seminar at our department which is about Introduction to ANSYS Workbench Mechanical. Seminar language is Turkish. For further information, please don't hesitate to contact me. (11/01/12)

HYDROLOGY MIDTERM I On Wednesday, 14 November 2012, at 15:00 in ZA2 - ZD3. (11/01/12)

HYDRAULIC STRUCTURES MIDTERM I On Thursday , 15 November 2012, at 09:00 in 3B-03/05. (10/19/12)

FLUID MECHANICS MIDTERM I On Friday, 16 November 2012, at 09:00 in Seminar Hall II. (10/19/12)

Homework 1 was uploaded for CE 542 Fluid Mechnanics to Courses tab. You can download HM1 from here. Deadline for HM1 is 07/16/12. (07/10/12)

CE 542 Fluid Mechanics course practice hour for 2011-2012 summer school will be conducted at C4-07/09 on thurdays at 13:00. (07/10/12)

CE 844 Water Supply and Environmetal Health Summer Course Outline (06/29/12)

CE 542 Fluid Mechanics Summer Course Outline (06/29/12)

My term schedule for 2011-2012 spring term. (02/14/12)

Water Supply and Env. Health course will be conducted at Seminar Hall II on Tuesday at 11:00 (05/03/11). (05/02/11)

Hydraulic practice hour for Erasmus students won't be done this Monday (05/02/11). (05/01/11)

Water Supply and Env. Health course' practice hour will not be done for this friday (04/08/11), next week (04/15/11) practice hour will begin at 09:00.

CE 037 Water Resources Management Course will begin at 14:00 only for this week. (03/07/11)

Deadline for EpaNET project is 22th of April! (02/22/11)

CE-642 Hydraulics course' practice hours for Erasmus students are between 11:00 - 13:00 on Mondays at 2B-05/07. (02/17/11)

Notes for Water Supply and Environmental Health were uploaded to Courses tab. (02/19/11)

Don't forget to bring photo for Water Supply and Environmental Health !!!!!