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MSc Thesis

Physical Modelling Method for Investigation of Brine Discharge Hydrodynamics

Adverse effects on the environment can be mitigated by diluting the concentrated brine discharge into the sea. Dilution is achieved by dispersing the brine into the seawater through adjusting the momentum of discharge which depends on the positions and the alignments of the diffusers at the end of the discharge line. This study presents the findings of an experimental investigation.


CFD (Computational Fluid Mechanics)


Example for CFD Analysis of the Vortex Shedding

Re = 2.03x105

Study Of The Effects Of Tall Buildings on The Pedestrian Wind Comfort

Zo wind velocity = 8m / sec

Wave Mechanics Study in CFD

3-D Wave Model Near Shore - Wave Height = 0.25m

Wave Impact Loads on Cylinders - Wave Height = 0.15m

3-D Wave Channel Model - Wave Height = 0.15m


2D Sloshing Model Under YARIMCA Earthquake

Water Height = 10m