CS 743

Internet Programming with Java

FALL 2003

Instructor: Dr. Zeynep Altan

Credit Hours: 3 hours

Prerequisites: C Programming Language


To examine the foundations of Java 2 Standard Edition (J2SE) technology.
To study the essential building blocks of the Java Developers Kit and the concept of Object Orientation.
To research the Java Class Library, focusing especially on java.lang and java.io.
To analyse how Java can handle mouse and key events, threads and animations.
To survey the Abstract Window Toolkit Package and building Graphical User Interfaces.

To be able to describe the benefits of the Java programming language.
To be able to use variables, constants, and literals; build applications and applets, define and use modifiers, declare class and instance properties, use operators and expressions to perform calculations.
To be able to change fonts and colors in the display, use methods of the Graphics class to draw shapes, process key and mouse events, detect and process exceptions, build Graphical User Interfaces and handle GUI events.

Table of Contents

An Introduction to Java:

Java-the Language of the Internet
The Benefits of Java
The Essential Building Blocks of JDK

Datatypes, Variables, and Methods:

Datatypes Variables
Constants and Literals
Storing and Retrieving Values Methods

Object Orientation Classes and Instances:

Methods Properties
Abstraction and Encapsulation

Construction Time General Components:

Build an Application
Building an Applet
Passing Parameters

Object-Orientation, Part 2:

Java Terms Modifiers
Overloading Methods
Inner Classes

Statements and Expressions:

Statements and Expressions
Automatic and Explicit Type Conversions
Garbage Collection
Branching and Looping Making Decisions

Looping Java Class Library:

Standard Packages
Standard Interfaces
The Collections Framework

Exploring java.lang Classes and Interfaces:

The String Class
The Math Class

Fonts, Graphics, and Images:

Fonts and Colors Graphics

Handling Events:

Event Handling
Key Events
Mouse Events

Threads and Animations:

Applet Architecture
Exception Handling

AWT and GUI:

The Abstract Window Toolkit (AWT) Package
Building the GUI

Exploring The java.io Package:

The java.io Package


Laboratory Notes



Midterm Results

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